Help Touch The Lives Of Those With Physical and Mental Challenges

The Gateway Society, consisting of The Gateway School and The Gateway Village, caters for physically & mentally challenged children and adults on adjacent properties in Wilgerspruit Roodepoort.


Our Vision

To be a sustainable and responsible non-profit organisation which strives to provide the highest level of personal care and growth opportunity to intellectually and physically challenged persons in order for them to lead a happy, dignified and meaningful life.

Our Mission

We want to develop and nurture meaningful partnerships with government, businesses and the local community in order to generate funds for on-going sustainability and growth in an honest and responsible manner to develop and provide dynamic stimulation and growth programmes that recognise and respect each individual need of persons with disabilities, in order to empower them to lead a dignified meaningful life filled with respect, love and care in a structured environment.

Our Events

The Gateway Society celebrated their 41st birthday in November 2013 and will continue to offer the essential care, stimulation, education and training in life skills to ensure a reasonable quality of life and dignity for all persons in our organization. The majority of our successful projects were achieved through fundraising and the support from our community.

Become involved

Without the loving community, which we live in and that continues to support us whenever we call upon them, we would not be able to create the quality of life for the individuals in our care. Volunteers that bring their passions into our environment, individuals and companies that make donations form the foundation of our organization.

Should you wish to take a tour of our premises, to become involved or to donate towards our organization, please no not hesitate to contact us.


The Gateway is a historically rich society and we will continue to form a unity for our beneficiaries that will always be our “forever children”. The passions we have were taught to us by Dorris Johnson, the founder of The Gateway, that led by example until her last day

Above: Dorris Johnson 1927 - 1989; founder of The Gateway