Gateway Village

The Gateway Village offers an informal lifestyle for permanent residents, as well as day care facilities with sheltered workshops for both the residents and day workers.


There are 7 residential houses on the property that each provide love and care by a housemother and a relief housemother. There are 2 residents per bedroom and each house has 12 residents.

The Nedcor Hi-Care Centre is maintained 24 hours per day by trained staff and provides for the needs of those with limited mobility. The Society is currently busy with phase 1 of the Home for the Elderly, as residents can reside at The Village until the end of their natural life. With completion of this House later this year, 24 new vacancies will open at The Village.

The Lions Club adopted Johnson B and is currently busy with maintenance on the house. They donated items towards the house (chest of drawers for each resident, new lounge suite & beds).


A fleet of 5 mini busses transports the non-residents on a daily basis.

Workshop 1:  Here the villagers are kept busy with various tasks, e.g. needle craft, during the day. A main source of this workshops sustainability is Contract work e.g. folding of medical gloves & bandages, party packs, folding of letters for envelopes etc.

Workshop 2:  Also known as GEC (Growth Empowerment Centre): Here the Villagers are taught skills e.g. arts & crafts, decoupage, fabric painting, beading etc. They offer cooking classes, taught by a volunteer on a weekly basis that includes all capable residents on a rotation schedule. There is a herb & vegetable garden that is used to further the skills of the villagers and promotes sustainability.

All items produced by the GEC workshop are on sale, either at our fundraisers, or during the year from the workshop.

Special Groups:  These are for the lower functioning residents where they have various activities to stimulate them, from arts & crafts to sports.

Sports & Activities


Tug O War: We are proud to announce that our team were the Tug O War champions in 2013. They won various prestigious competitions against the Police & Northern Transvaal club in Pretoria.

Swim Team: They practiced 3x per week at Planet Fitness in Ruimsig. They generally compete various at Heia Safari Dam Swims to qualify for The Midmar Mile that takes place during February. This year all our swimmers received medals at this event and 3 swimmers qualified within a certain time period and qualified for their green numbers. This honour allows them to keep that number for the rest of their lives.

Athletics: The Villagers compete on an annual basis against other similar organisations, usually in March. They practice for weeks and are generally very excited about this event.


Annually we try to sustain certain events and the Villagers became accustomed to them and are always very excited to participate and ready for the fun that comes with it.

Here are but to name a few:

Choir, Valentine’s Ball, Spring Ball, Christmas tree, monthly birthday parties, Tarlton fun day (organised by the Merlin Rotary Club, including off-road cars, Harley’s and a Santa Clause). The Lions Club has on various Saturdays during the year a Sports day filled with fun sports activities for the residents.

Every Wednesday morning all the Villagers walk on the property for exercise before the day begins.

The Village Kitchen

Marius, the kitchen Supervisor, runs a very effective operation and has a very efficient team.  

Marius and his team are also able to assist with catering at competitive prices for various types of functions.

To make contact with the Bakery or Kitchen, or both, please contact:

The Village Office at or 011 958 1570

Charity Shop

This fundraising initiative started about 13 years ago to assist with additional funds for The Village. Over the years it’s grown into a delightful 2nd hand store. Books Galore donate popular books to us on a monthly basis.

We also sell clothes, games, ornaments & any other donations we receive. If we are unable to sell the items, we donate it to Multi Charities to assist them with fundraising or we recycle the items for additional funds.

Feel free to visit the shop between 08h00 – 15h00,  Monday to Friday 

ABSA Bakery

Betsie, the bakery supervisor is assisted by two staff members & 6 residents that were carefully selected for this position. They were trained by Siyabonga Africa. They supply all the baked goods for the kitchen and the houses on a weekly basis. This initiative, that was funded by ABSA, assists with The Gateways’ sustainability. They are able to bake biscuits, rusks, cupcakes, rolls, bread and various other items, to ensure & sustain the freshness of the products we need.

Old Age Home

We recently completed the construction of our new old age home.  To see the official handover from our sponsers:

Click the link below to view the news article:

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Thank you to our sponsors for their generosity!